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Bellatorum Resources is a veteran-owned and operated investment firm specializing in mineral rights & royalty acquisitions.


Bellatorum is the plural form of the latin root word, Bellator, which means noble warrior or valorous soldier. This word is more than a reminder of our military service. It’s about an ethos of respect, discipline, professionalism, and dedication. In ancient times, professional soldiers were expected to treat everyone with respect, whether it be their enemies, brothers in arms, superiors, or those they were sworn to protect. Bellatorum Resources operates with this same ethos in business. This isn’t just lip service. Our founders and several of our team members have lived by this code of ethics during their military service; therefore, it permeates our company culture. Thus, landowners can expect superior customer service, transparency, and timeliness when doing business with Bellatorum. Whether it involves sharing title findings, explaining valuation methods, or just being willing to meet face to face, Bellatorum always accommodates the needs and expectations of land and mineral owners.

We look forward to doing business together.

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